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Our Price: $13.50
Sweet Sue
Our Price: $13.50
Our Price: $13.50

A semi-sweet white with 4.0% RS. Like being in grandmother's back yard on a warm summer's day, nice crisp Niagara grapes, nothing like it. Winner of double gold, best in show and a silver medal winner.

This semi-sweet white contains 4.0% RS. A winner of two gold medals & a silver medal, this wine is a nice blend of Niagara and Catawba grapes.

This semi-sweet white wine is a Double Gold, Gold & Silver Medal winner. Created with Niagara, Diamond and Catawba. This blend is grapey sweet with a little tart finish.
Cayuga White
Our Price: $14.50
Dog Lipped
Our Price: $14.50
Our Price: $15.50

This 6.5%RS sweet white is a silver and bronze medal winner. It is our #1 seller in white. A nice crisp, very fruity wine so sweet you don’t know you are drinking wine.

A semi-sweet white wine with a hint of lemon. Very refreshing!

This dry white wine is a gold & bronze medal winner. It’s a crisp and clean white wine. Goes great with pan seared scallops or a shrimp scampi.
Our Price: $15.50

A semi-dry white wine with hints of citrus.