Wine List
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R-AGSD   A Grand Sonny Day
SW-BR   Black Raspberry
SW-BB   Blueberry
WW-C   Chardonnay
R-CRD   Concord
R-CM   Cove Mountain Red
R-DS   Darkside
WW-DL   Dog Lipped
RW-EON   Eye of Newt
R-4OTF   Four on the Floor
S-FS   Fresh Squeezed
R-GR   Grave Robber
SW-JTS   It's Just That Simple
R-LM   Leon Millot
R-MF   Macechal Foch
SW-MPP   Miss Pissy Pants
SW-M   Mutt
WW-N   Niagara
W-PCR   PC Rodeo
WW-PG   Pinot Gris
SW-RA   Red Ass
WW-R   Riesling
RW-SON   Son of Newt
SW-SPS   Sour Puss Sally
R-SPD   Stampede
SW-S   Strawberry
S-SS   Sweet Sue
R-TOM   The Old Man
WW-T   Traminette
WW-TM   Trimist
SW-VV   Vicious Vixen

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